8 short films: Special Edition

8 short films: Special Edition
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Year: 2013
Genre(s): Animation
Studio(s): Thomas Stellmach Animation
Director(s): Thomas Stellmach, Monika Stellmach, Tyron Montgomery
Run Time: 53 minutes

Size (HD): 1.7 GB
Size: 670.7 MB

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This collection of short films shows 6 films of Thomas and 2 films of Monika Stellmach. Artfully use of animation techniques, music and sound carry the viewers away to other worlds. The compilation includes the Oscar® winning film QUEST. All films are without dialogue and therefore worldwide understandable.

An artist's sketch makes fun of its creator. The cartoon and pixilation film TEE-HEE by Thomas Stellmach takes up a typical problem of any artist, who wants to realise his vision.

ARKANUM by Monika Stellmach tells a story of captivity and freedom. In a cell-like room a long-legged manikin stalks little wobbling creatures, sensing they are able to metamorphose.

SMALL TALK brings the narrations of a globetrotter come to life. The funny film about an extremely vivid interview was shot with two actors in stop motion. The idea of Thomas Stellmach for a trailer promoting the 10th Documentary Film & Video Festival of Kassel was the base of this extraordinary short film.

WEEDS deals with the destruction of nature by man, seen through the eyes of a snail. It lives on a little spot of weeds amidst grey paving stones. The cartoon animation film of Thomas Stellmach fascinates with three-dimensional effects and a "slimy" character.

The film QUEST tells the story of a sand puppet that leaves the sand world in which it lives. It wanderes through other worlds made of paper, stone and iron, following the sound of dripping water.
The creation of Thomas Stellmach and Tyron Montgomery got the Academy award (OSCAR©) for the Best Short Animation Film of 1996.

The experimental film HIGGS by Monika Stellmach is a journey of visuals and sound. As if you join a ferryman in a dream, somewhere between the smallest subatomic particle, the Higgs boson, and a planet X, perhaps at the outer rim of our galaxy.

The film CHICKEN KIEV is a funny cartoon animation, telling the story of an abandoned child. Without the mother in sight, a newborn chick starts staggering around, searching for food and warmth. The creation of Thomas Stellmach got high response in Brasil.

The film VIRTUOS VIRTUELL is an emotional music visualisation. It is based on the overture of The Alchymist by Louis Spohr. Flowing ink goes on an exciting and poetic journey through the music. The creation of animation director Thomas Stellmach and drawing artist Maja Oschmann got more than 40 international awards.

For any questions contact: thomas@stellmach.com

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