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Year: 1996
Genre(s): Animation
Studio(s): Thomas Stellmach Animation
Director(s): Tyron Montgomery
Run Time: 11 minutes

Size: 131.3 MB
Size (HD): 422.3 MB

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The film QUEST tells the story of a sand puppet that leaves the sand world in which it lives. It wanderes through other worlds made of paper, stone and iron, following the sound of dripping water.

The creation of Thomas Stellmach and Tyron Montgomery got the Academy award (OSCAR©) for the Best Short Animation Film of 1996.

Before ordering this BluRay, please check, if your player is able to play BD-R disc format. 

The download in SD, the DVD and the BluRay includes bonus material of production photos and excerpts of the storyboard.

More information about the film.


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